Tooth Contouring & Reshaping

Cosmetic contouring is a simple and fast method to tidy and reshape a person’s smile and correct pointy teeth, minor chips or redefine flat teeth. The process causes minimal discomfort and is atreatment that makes big changes with a small process.

Dr. Papadakis and Dr. Gonzalez may suggest you to go for Invisalign to treat overlapping and crooked teeth that cannot be corrected with contouring. In cases where the straightening and correction needed is not major, dental contouring can be used as a good alternative to braces.

Tooth contouring and reshaping can be used for patients with teeth that need a change in the position, shape, or length or are uneven.

The process begins with dental X-rays to obtain an idea of what the extent of the treatment would be. The X-ray also helps the dentist to ensure that the pulp of the tooth is significantly distant from the area being contoured. After this, a small mark is made on the teeth being treated to guide the dentist on the area to be reshaped. After this, a sanding drill is used to slowly remove small amounts of enamel and then the sides of the teeth are shaped with an abrasive strip. The teeth are smoothed and polished to give them a natural appearance. We may also suggest you to come for a follow-up appointment to ensure the expected results have been achieved.

Since this is a superficial treatment, anesthesia is generally not needed. Sedation may be used for patients who experience dental anxiety.

A small change to your misshapen and uneven teeth with dental contouring could make a large difference to your smile. So contact Papadakis and Gonzalez DDS in NYC for an appointment for a perfect smile today. Call (212) 689-7199.

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