Dental Sealants are used to cover the grooves and crevices in the teeth to prevent food particles and plaque from depositing in these areas. There are some areas on the teeth that a brush and floss cannot reach. These could become a depositing ground for food and plaque and eventually cause decay and infection. Sealants are mostly applied to the premolars and molars, creating a smooth and easy to clean surface.

The application of dental sealants is a very simple procedure that takes only a few minutes for each tooth. The procedure begins by painting the tooth to be sealed with a resin that is either transparent or matches the color of your natural teeth. This is then allowed to dry for a few minutes. Sealants can endure the force of normal chewing and with good care they could last for several years.

Dr. Papadakis and Dr. Gonzalez recommend dental sealants for both children and adults to help them fight tooth decay. Teeth that are not affected by severe decay and do not have too much dental work done on them are suitable for application of sealants.

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